4 Things You Must Know Before Trying 2021 WeChat Marketing Money Making Techniques.

WeChat marketing ecology has tended to mature, industrialized, as individuals want to fight a world through , there is no opportunity in 2021?

Similar questions are always discussed around me recently, my answer is: “Great opportunity!

Then the next share with you the most promising 2021 WeChat marketing money making techniques: video number.

A, why do live video number?

Because the video number, is now after the rise of Jitterbug fast hand, WeChat sitting on 1.2 billion users a strategic product.

WeChat almost hold the relationship of nearly a billion people in China and abroad, so this is a huge a traffic information platform.

It’s like why we go to Wanda to open a store, because Wanda has a lot of people, why do you want to do live video number in WeChat? Because the number of users using WeChat, this is the first point, the user traffic base is large.

We can all imagine, our own WeChat, how many friends on their own WeChat? Then how many people have been added, how many people have bought things from us, how many people have tried to buy things in it and have links with us.

The number of our WeChat friends varies from person to person, but did you know that?

WeChat inside the friends are divided into primary traffic, intermediate traffic, senior traffic, we do video number of the first important thing is to upgrade our primary traffic to senior traffic, we can think about the New Year, we received how many blessing SMS, we sent out how many SMS, these are our senior traffic.

The second reason to do video is to spread the efficiency of high, any person or any kind of business model, it has a start-up period, rapid development period, stable period, and even decline period.

When we saw what good articles, good subscription number child, or see many friends circle are daily like the emperor in the daily review of the zhengzhi a look over, the content of the circle of friends will go to see it, and now, we rarely or even do not look at the circle of friends, or see important friends or friends related to their own circle will only like.

Why? Because the amount of information is too large, but also, there are too many advertising things, so it is said, the circle of friends of the message we may not be able to receive, now micro business is not as good as before, also because of this.

So, the video number is now a good solution to the problem of the circle of friends is not sticky enough, we now circle of friends, as long as someone brush to the video number inside the friend in the live, the general probability of going in reached a few 20%, and we send the probability of the circle of friends only about 3%, a difference of 17%, this is a very big data.

In the whole video number inside the live normal one or two hours have more than 100 people watching, in the basic traffic are more than 100 people, then you send a circle of friends to see may rarely have more than 100 people, to give you praise.

The third to do quickly, the main reason for doing the video number is because it is more fair algorithm, we may have done before or want to do shake, even in shake on the fast hand also broadcast.

But then found that he is not a person can complete things, because his algorithm mechanism, is a horse race mechanism, very difficult to do, with their own strength is difficult to make the effect, but WeChat is based on your basic traffic above the superposition of people.

First of all, the board, it will recommend to your good friends, you can also send to your friends through the circle of friends and private messages.

Secondly, if they like the message, he will in will recommend to friends of friends to see, here we call second and third degree connections, at the same time, if this work is very good, recognized by the platform, it can be recommended to 1.2 billion people in WeChat, so this method it is better than a single algorithm of ShakeYin.

Suppose a live broadcast on Jitterbug, there are tens of thousands of people watching, but if you don’t have time to broadcast it, or if it’s broken.

Suddenly, your weight down live room into a few dozen people, so the heart is not generally suitable for playing Shake Yin, then WeChat, just based on your personal private domain traffic, you just need to broadcast it every day to have an effect, to insist that it will have persistent effect, this is like compound interest, like bank deposits.

So a combination of the above three points, in 2021, such an economic wave of the times, the start of the video number, adhere to the continuous update and growth is the best way to learn, growth is also one of the best way to create wealth.

Second, where does the video number traffic come from?

1. Private domain traffic activation

The first is the activation of private domain traffic, I just mentioned that we have a lot of WeChat friends, but, really can happen to social or trading friends very little, maybe 100 inside two or three are very difficult, then we can through the video number to your information, your products and good services in the live room as low as possible to convey to all. Other, like reward, enrollment courses, this is one of the ways to cash.

2. Indirect traffic push

The second section is the indirect traffic push, in the video number, whether short video or live have a very important information, is the likes.

In the video number inside a like, it means you two happen to link, for example, I am live, if you guys like, then your friends will also see my live, it will be displayed in your nearby live or your circle of friends, this is very important plate.

That the second degree of superposition, this method, called the power is the square of two, two of the three times, two of the four times the concept, which is a very good method of dissemination, at the same time, we want to think about their own live content, that is, the live dry goods, value.

3. WeChat’s public domain traffic

Of course, the biggest cake is that everyone is staring at WeChat’s public domain traffic, WeChat’s public domain traffic than the separate ShakeYin, Racer are more, then, in the end, what kind of people can finally climb to the top of this mountain.

Open the public domain traffic recommendation of the video number, like now has reached hundreds of thousands of play volume of such videos, inside the WeChat public domain traffic, so it is a stricter and fairer horse racing mechanism, then in the future in our video number will certainly appear many we think like Li Jiaqi and Weiya such level of and Netflix out.

Third, how to live-stream the video number to absorb the powder?

How do our video numbers live absorb powder? What is the concept of fans that we are talking about now?

We will see different people in the video identity is not the same, some people are WeChat identity, some called video number identity, here I have to say the way to absorb powder is through the WeChat fans.

The original traffic, as well as the recommended traffic and the traffic of friends forwarding rate, all become sticky fans inside your live room.

You’ll find a lot of anchors with goods they have a lot of iron fans, as long as a new product immediately on the purchase, because these fans of the anchor recognition, to their recommended products have trust.

The way to absorb powder between live broadcast, generally divided into the following kinds.

Through the value of dry goods absorbing powder, that is, he heard you speak of dry goods, he voluntarily follow you, next time will listen.

Through the gift of absorbing powder, such as in the live inside to give everyone some small products, related words or courses.

It is through the live room inside the late serial content, this is the author’s ability to produce content has certain requirements, to constantly serialize the birth of new content.

These three ways are better, let people pay attention, you give him a reason, and then continue to pay attention to you a method.

Fourth, how to live cash?

The first is through the live room inside, now open called the store function, directly above you can sell products, above the current support is Jingdong Pindo products.

The second is through the live room inside to attract investment is to activate your customers, who are interested in the product interested, you can then by private letter, so that the sale inside the live.

The last one, which is currently also the right way for everyone, is to sell the information gap.

That is, many people want to start the video number, but, many people will not, you can teach people how to do the video number, you are not all taught, you just teach an open class, the latter can be and professional institutions to cooperate, so as to achieve the people to cash.

2021 WeChat Marketing Money Making Techniques

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