8 Secrets That Experts Of Wechat Marketing Don’t Want You To Know.

There is no shortage of friends around, relying on WeChat marketing to make a fortune of millions.

Selling things in WeChat is no longer a secret, but not in WeChat, just send a circle of friends can earn money every day?

Although the circle of friends to create “invisible advertising” can be invisible to build brand impressions, thus promoting transactions.

But to make money every day, it’s much more than just sending out a circle of friends!

The 8 secrets of how to do WeChat marketing

1. Personal positioning

Set a persona for yourself, and create your in your circle of friends and WeChat group.

2. Continuous learning marketing ability

Marketing ability determines your sales results, only keep up with the times, constantly learn marketing knowledge, improve marketing ability, is the most effective deal magic.

3. Establish a WeChat information matrix

Make full use of personal number circle of friends, WeChat group, WeChat public number, and service number to establish WeChat information matrix and provide valuable information to your customers.

4. Community interaction operation

Set a good community theme, initiate topic discussions related to the theme, share valuable information, screen out active customers, and maintain relationships to increase trust.

5. The principle of a circle of friends

Send out inspirational information in the morning, dry information at noon, and soft marketing articles at night, remember not to directly say “I am selling this, come and buy from me”!

6. customer tag

Remember to note the label when adding customers as friends, with “intention”, “comparison”, “bought” and so on to distinguish, to facilitate the maintenance of the later tactics.

7. Continuous operation

Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t be negative, insist on releasing dry information every day to build trust.

Own the continuous learning progress, over time, I believe the return will soon come.

8. Find out the precise customers

WeChat marketing is not mandatory sales, to know how to output before seeking returns, output valuable content, rather than straightforward commodity information.


Remember: WeChat marketing is to sell yourself!

Effective WeChat marketing allows customers to know more about you, and also allows you to know more about your customers.

Most of the transactions are based on trust and emotion between you and your customers.

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